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My name is Abdoulaye and I enjoy playing Basketball during my freetime. I love brownies so I cook and bake my own cakes most of the time. I deny people that are close minded and say ignorant comments. Ea Sports is the brand of Fifa which I spend a lot of my time on. My focus is what i’m looking forward to ameliorating in the close future before I move to my next grade level hopefully. In school I’m mostly focusing on soccer nowadays instead of every sport. I love cracking jokes when i’m around friends and hanging out. I’m looking forward to knowing more about the science behind the soccer shot in digital citizenship class. Laughing is also one of those things that is difficult to hold. Last year we did monologues in English class, I feel like not only did last year fly by fast but it comparing it to this year everything has become more serious. Personally, I need to change my schedule to fit this years work rate more. I will aim for the best and not quit till I achieve all my goals. We all need to work hard towards our personal goals us as a whole should not let someone else put us down or make us not believe in ourselves. Hopefully, il make the A team varsity high school team, with practice I know I can make it. By the way my favorite animal is a zebra and I always question their colors. My favorite barcelona player is Xavi.

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