Genius Hour Post Reflection

In my genius hour I researched about engineering for my genius hour and for that reason I followed and tweeted to people who had an understanding or looked affiliated with my topic somehow. I chose this topic in the first place because I was inspired by apple and their logo. I immediately told myself to come up with something like it but from my own version and make it as persuasive, original, and creative as I can. I started up with the idea of Nutrition and Engineering. However, as engineering began becoming more and more worthy to do I finally drifted towards that end. I learned through this researching process that Engineering can be extremely sophisticated and can ask for certain engineering diplomas for certain jobs. This as a result has helped me grow as a person because it has confirmed to me that nothing comes free in this world and you have to work for everything, this fits in here because in order to become a highly rated architect and receive lots of money you must have gone through hard times and earned a certain engineering diploma.

The reason why I chose engineering over Nutrition is not only because it had more information but also because it enabled me to be more creative and for me to push myself for than with Nutrition. With the topic of “engineering” I could put myself in the shoes of an actual architect and present my work to the audience. During my researching journey I learned about the skills it took to become a successful engineer which was extremely dependent on math and acquiring critical thinking skills. It all depends on the type of architect you are and there are different types of engineers with a variety of engineering degreese’s.

I did a lot of things differently this time than I did the last time and it improved my grade a lot. To start off I read less at my powerpoint and knew what I was going to say so all I needed were images and one or two bullet points. I also feel like I was more organized overall due to the fact that I finished my power-point early so I had time to do extra research and get my facts straight. I taught everyone in the classroom that engineering is more complicated than they may have previously thought it was, I taught them how important it was to be creative and hard working because being an architect depends on a lot of these key factors in order to attain success. In my next genius hour I am looking forward to making it about Nutrition and the values of nutrition on the human body, I will show how important your diet can be on you and what it takes to be build a consistently balanced good regime. This will help our community be more fit and happy with their bodies and because of that we will live more joyful lives.

The following is a link to my presentation.

Media Literacy Reflection

It’s important to acknowledge the influence media has in our modern day society. Media sends information to people on their thoughts about basically everything and the way they view it to be. Some people feel more pressure than others and so it push’s them to do different things some once again do more unnecessary things than others. Some few examples of this is the way people dress and try to act in a certain way because of a celebrity they look up to. Another example of this in the real world is the lack of gender equality in certain countries, like the video we watched, we saw how differently men were depicted compared to women. In some countries women felt embarrassed of wearing their hi-jabs and we also saw how some women were not allowed to wear their hi-jabs at work themselves. This is unfair because men do not have to worry about these situations while women are not allowed. Another example of gender in equality is how differently men and women are portrayed in movies. We see the roles women are given which often times as people who stay in the house and clean up after the mess of their men. Finally, media has an impact on our economy because the media is at the same time like an adviser or doctor it tells markets what to include in their stores and what not. This as a result, makes people buy their products because their products are all based on publicity and what celebrities put out. Media also makes us forget our cultures due to what we see on television and on social media. It makes us adapt to the modern world more and start care about our actual culture and origins more. An example of this is buy the clothing we wear, we pretty much all wear clothes that are not from our true origins.


Major Blog Post Assignment

When you speak about soccer you must mention Cristiano Ronaldo. The ballon d’or is a sports individual award that only the best of the best receive every year. Your team must have the minimum amount of trophies for you to also be favored and have more chances of recveiving it.

Cristiano is a part of the few players who demonstrates that where you start should only motivate you to push yourself more and become the best and that is why I look up to him. The generation of Ronaldo and Messi can easily be compared to Pelle and Maradonas even though football has gotten more developed and the players knowledge of this sport has now increased making it harder for these two top soccer players to excel past defenders.  Although, Cristiano Ronaldo has had competition with Lionel Messi to see who is the worlds best people need to compare the two less and enjoy their presence more.

Starting keys to success in Football

  • Hard work
  • Talent
  • Luck
  • Experience

-Abdoulaye Diallo

Here is a picture of Ronaldo and his Ballon d’or of the 2014 season

The following is Cristiano Ronaldo’s rival and buddy, Lionel Messi with the latest Ballon d’or

MLA Image Citations

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Cristiano Ronaldo official Website



Reflecting Blog Post {Twitter Expert/Academic Connect}

The following is a list of the people I chose to follow some in my region and others located further away:

1.  @YoussouNdour

2. @Footballogue

3. @Fitness&Nutrition

4. @MackySall

5. @USDANutrition

6. @JeuneAfrique

7. @RFI

8. @Seneweb

9. @France24

10. @Lemonde

and an additional

11. @lafouine


13. @JamelDebbouze

These People relate to my genius hour because they might each have knowledge about nutrition some more than others and can hook me up and bring me in contact with people who might have further knowledge about nutrition and that is why I followed my top 10 above. I also try to get people in my region that way I worry less about time differences and they can receive the message at the same or around the same time as I send it.


All my requests tied up on my genius hour topic which is advice on “Nutrition.” I got lots of responses one from the W.F.P. (World Food Program) I had asked them if nutrition could affect your overall health or if it could optimize your overall performance as an athlete, they responded around a day later stating it was a good question and it depends on a variety of things the most important ones were your diet and the type of metabolism you have. However, they also said that nutrition can and will affect you more as an athlete but also as a typical person. I also tweeted to the @USDA Nutrition asking them if they believed that nutrition could have long term effects and can be decisive on the amount of years you live. They believed that unless you are eating junk food regularly it cannot really affect the amount of years you live because that is preserved in your DNA and is indeterminable. This has and will help me in my genius hour because someone can ask this question on my presentation. Also it will give me evidence if I see a site that gives me information on nutrition I can compare it to this and know if it is reliable or not.


This tweeting process was interesting because none of the nutrition sites followed me even though we had pretty great conversations. However, I inspired a couple people I guess from my tweets and they chose to follow me and a person that looks like an athlete actually followed as well surprisingly, and I look forward to getting their beliefs on my genius hour project. I can use this process in the future in school by first off going deeper into it on another class if I were to write an essay and was able to choose my topic. I could also do a presentation on it and teach other students in another class who are interested in this. Also, I find this topic extremely important and was and still is worth spending a lot of time on because nutrition is important to you in many different ways and its always necessary to know your limits and food choices so that way as a result, you can stay healthy. Remember health is wealth after all.

Written By: Abdoulaye DIALLO,

and thanks for your time.



African Dishes

I chose to research my top 2 African dish’s and here they go :

1. Yassa Poulet ( 1 whole chicken, cut into medium sizes, 7 sliced onions, 4 lemons as an accompaniment 2 tablespoons of mustard, preferably mustard Djion 6 tablespoons of oil 1 head of garlic, 2 Maggi cubes, 2 tablespoons black pepper or white, and 1/4 tablespoon chili powder Salt, according to your taste)


2. Fish Brochette

Fish of your

(1 large onion
1 clove garlic
4 tomatoes
1/2 lemon
Mixing: parsley, celery, leek and basil.
2 medium red pepper
1 tsp curry
1 tbsp mustard
1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
salt and pepper.
1 large carrot and diced green beans for rice
2 glasses of rice

1 cut Potato





MLA Cited: Fabrice, Toure. Brochettes De Poisson. Photograph.delices-du-monde. Nov 2 2013.Web. Nov 4 2015.

The Death Of MJ

The world was in shock including myself. The king of Pop had just passed away. However,  Michael Jackson didnt just get up and find fame and glory. He was very well known for his dance moves, his lyrics and finally entertainment. He use to attend talent shows and he eventually took part of the Jackson five. People loved how his lyrics and shows fit in, together made it breathtaking to watch and that’s why he was so loved all around the world. RIP Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson. “Videoshoot” Fanpop. web. nov 15 2009. Oct 27 2015

Genius hr project Reflection

The topic I studied  for my genius hour was based on soccer I enjoyed learning more about soccer and I chose a topic that I love so that enabled me to enjoy and deliberately spend lots of time without knowing on my topic. I learned how to perfect my shot or to get close to perfection at least it actually inspired me to play more soccer and to try things myself I learned how to shoot different types of shots correctly with proper form. I would give myself a solid B for this project because I spent lots of time in this project.

I strongly believe that it helped everyone get more of a sense of shooting in soccer and for people who were already interested it helped them learn from their previous mistakes. In my next genius hour I will have more examples and elaborate more on my topic.  I would like to research nutrition next and the effect it has in your body, also how to create shirts and make tie -die shirts, and lastly I want to research how the memory develops overtime.

How to be successful in school

The Rise To Success

School only gets harder by day, so if today was hard be prepared because you can only expect it to get more and more difficult tomorrow and after tomorrow. This is the reason why time management plays a big role on the frustration and tiredness of people. The more you organize yourself per hour the more you are preparing yourself and leaving yourself with extra time to relax in the end. However, if you slack around every now and then by procrastinating and other different methods of it you will not see yourself go very far.

This list might also be beneficial:

1) Be On time to your classes

2) Do ALL your homework

3) Be Organized

4) Prepare yourself the night before school

5) Balance your life

Here is a website to further your knowledge:







Image (1): Slide Share. High School Tips. Web. Sept 21 2015

Image (2): Tomalech. Doing Good In School. Web. Sept 21 2015

Event That Happened Last Year

The pressure had began from the beginning of the season. The goal was to win waisal, every player had that in their mind from the sart. When waisal began it was a burden on our backs the first day played out amazing we won. Second day things began becoming complicated we played LCS A and lost 2-1 in an intense match. On the final day we had LCS B to play for the semis. We beat them 3-0 and qualified for the finals that same afternoon. When the time arrived we warmed up and got ready but while warming up the girls were playing their finals so we were interested int their results so that had already distracted us.  When we kicked off half of the players were asleep so we conceeded 3 goals that half. On the second half we got into the game and conceeded none.

What is a Blog

A blog is post that is updated every now and then that is written informally. I think we will use it in this class to write about topics and it will also be uploaded every class. We are going to use it to write about topics that interest us and we want to learn more about.